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Petersburg Police Recognized the Error of Tactics Prohibiting Marches of the Discordant

Management of the St. Petersburg Head Administration of Internal Affairs recognized the error of tactics prohibiting Marches of the discordant. The director of the administration, Vladislav Piotrovsky, expressed this at a press conference dedicated to the approaching Duma elections.

According to him, analysis carried out according to the results of oppositional actions showed that forbidding them is inexpedient. Now the city administration, the police, and the opposition themselves arrived at the understanding of the need for dialogue, as stated by internet portal Fontanka.ru.

The city is examining the claim on the basis of the road situation in the center of the city, and will agree on an action, and most of those marching will carry it out without extremes. The benefit of this dialogue showed two last actions, which also occurred without extremes, stated Piotrovsky.

The indication is that in October in St. Petersburg, a March of the Discordant was planned, the director of the Head Administration of Internal Affairs underlined, for which the police are prepared and will work in the usual regime, advises IA REGNUM.

One should recall that the scale Discordant March took place on April 14 2007 in Moscow, and on April 15 a similar action took place in Petersburg. Law-enforcement agencies used increased tactics against the demonstrations. According to the actions organizers, five hundred people were detained in the process of the march. According to the same estimates, as a result of the actions of the Special Purpose Police Squad (OMON), approximately one hundred people suffered. 100 . In trauma point 137 in Presnya alone, fifty four people required help.

Activists from the anti-Chechen war movement from the Pacifist club, international human rights society Memorial, the committee of pacifist actions, the Society for Russian-Chechen friendship and other organizations took part in the March of the Discordant. According to participant estimates, there were approximately three thousand people participating in the March.

According to data recorded by Viktor Biriukov, the official representative of the Head Administration of Internal Affairs, 250 participants from the march were detained in Moscow.

The human rights organization Human Rights Watch told that the repression of the march in Moscow the militia applied "disproportionate force.

As already reported by the Caucasian Unit, the actions of the March of the discordant, periodically conducted by the opposition in different cities of Russia, are organized by the coalition of democratic and left political organizations Drugaya Rossiya. Discordant, as a rule, demands social reforms and return of political freedoms in Russia, first of all free elections, at the gatherings.

The leader of the United Civil Front, Garry Kasparov expressed that the marches in many respects changed ideas about the Russian opposition. It proved to be possible to mend collaboration between different oppositional forces and to actually form an oppositional base that can oppose the Kremlin.

He also noted that the marches created a new political culture which is showing influence in the fall-winter political season, and a prospect that the opposition will be able to find an algorithm of opposition to operation successor appeared for the first time.

Source: Kavkaz.MEMO.RU


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