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67% of the Russians do not feel hostility towards persons of different nationality

67% of Russians state that they dont feel irritation or hostility towards persons of one or another nationality. As our correspondent discovered from the Foundation Obshchestvennoe meniye (Public meaning), this number came as a result of a countrywide survey among urban and rural populations in 100 places in 44 oblasts, krais and autonomous republics in all economical-geographic regions of Russia. In total, 1,500 persons were questioned. The method of the survey was interviews at the place of residence. The statistic error rate does not extend 3,6%.

29% of the questioned persons confess that they feel irritated by some nationalities. Persons who voted for the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) in the Duma elections (47%), inhabitants of the Central Federal Region (42%) and younger people (35%) gave this answer more often than others. Meanwhile, the question Has the migration of some nationalities to your region, district or town has to be limited in your opinion? was answered in the affirmative by 63%. If in the corresponding region the deportation of representatives of some nationalities was decided, the majority of the Russians (52%) agreed to this decision. Most enthusiastically in this respect were the followers of the LDPR (72%), inhabitants of big cities (58%), of the Central (58%) and the Siberian Federal Region (61%).

In addition, one third of all questioned persons (34%) voted against the deportation of representatives of certain ethnic groups. 46% of all persons with higher education gave this answer, 42 % of the inhabitants of the North Western Federal Region, 34% of the followers of the fraction Rodina and 49% of the followers of the liberal parties SPS and Yabloko.



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