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"Soldiers Mothers" agree to meeting with Zakayev

The Union of Committees of Soldiers mothers of Russia is planning to discuss perspectives of regulating the situation in Chechnya with Maskhadovs representative Akhmed Zakayev, as announces Interfax referring to the Unions secretary Valentina Melnikova.

According to Melnikova Zakayev said during a phone call on October 19th that he was commissioned by Maskhadov to step into contact with the Soldiers Mothers in order to plan future negotiations.

We agreed to meet with Zakayev in one of the Western European capitals in November. We are going to prepare our proposals and the order of the day for this meeting, noted Melnikova. We have not addressed to the government in this case so far, and no official has addressed to us.

Melnikova emphasized that the decision to address to Makhadov in order to prepare negotiations about the conflict in Chechnya has been taken collectively.

Finally, we have to find other way to solve the Chechen knot, including peoples diplomacy, said Melnikova.

Source: Gzeta.ru


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