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Irina Rukina

Every day common Muscovite watch with envy, how foreign workers enrich themselves

On October 22nd 2004 the newspaper Finansovye Izvestiya published extracts from an interview with the chairman of the Committee for Economic Politics of the Moscow Town Council Irina Rukina, in which she supports a project of Yuriy Popov, suggesting restricted entry into Moscow following ethnical principles.

Suggesting toughening the control over migrants she pointed out some of the citys economic fields have already been taken over. Every nation, every ethnic group tries to find that field in which they feel themselves confidently. Lets take a view on the figures of the capitals commerce. Azerbaijanis obtain out of this $1.5-2.5 billion each year, while the whole annual budget of Azerbaijan is $1.4 billion.

At the same time Rukina expresses concerns about the growth of xenophobia in the city, which as well, according to her, is mainly the fault of the ethnic diaspora: Every day common Muscovites watch with envy, how foreign workers enrich themselves. In addition, according to psychologists, today among townspeople the feeling of anxiety and danger increases. As a consequence of the robbing, beating and killing by foreigners.

Irina Rukina emphasizes that the delegates do not intend to kindle ethnic hostility, but just the other way around, they want to prevent it. Ethnic groups took over whole economical sectors, for example, commerce as well as the housing and communal services, continued Mrs. Rukina. In these fields tremendous money circulatesToday one can say that out of 12 billion dollar, which were taken out of Russia last year, the biggest part of it came from Moscow. Such a situation arouses dissatisfaction among the indigenous population and leads to interethnic strife.

Source: xeno.sova-center.ru


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