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Antifascist action shall be lead by Valentina Matvienko and Ilya Klebanov

St. Petersburg, October 26th - Ruslan Linkov, president of the Petersburg department of the organization Democratic Russia and one of the organizers of the antifascist action, which is planned for October 31st, appealed to organize a campaign in the mass media, schools, universities and law enforcement agencies with participation of famous actors, musicians, scholars and sportsmen. Linkov addressed to the authorities with a series of demands. He asked for special grants to support experts on interethnic relations. He recommended forming the post of a counselor on human rights issues and interethnic relations who should be a committee chairman inside the citys government. He appealed to the authorities to severely react to each case of arousing ethnical and social hostility in the mass media. Finally, he demanded to strengthen the departments dealing with the fight against extremism in the law-enforcement agencies and the responsibility of its staff members. In Linkovs opinion the forthcoming manifestation should be personally lead by Ilya Klebanov (representative of the Russian president in the North Western region), Valentina Matvienko and Valery Serdyukov (governors of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region) as well as Vadim Tyuplanov and Kirill Polyakov (presidents of both regions parliaments).

Source: genstvo Stsialnoi Informatsii


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