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Mass action: Remembrance Day for the victims of political repression

On October 30th at 11.30 a.m. a mass action will take place at the Solovetsky stone on Lubyanka Square in the center of Moscow.

The Moscow department of Memorial organizes a remembrance day for innocent victims of repression each year on October 30th, as a tradition, since 1990. This year the Moscow Association of victims of Political Repression takes part in the organization.

Former GULAG prisoners and their relatives, representatives of higher state authorities, the Constitutional Court, the General Office of Public Prosecutor and the Moscow city government, ambassadors of Western states and representatives of public organizations and political parties take part in the action.

At Solovetsky stone there will be booths with material on the history of repression. The last number of the newspaper October 30 will be handed out.

The action is supported by the Moscow city government.

We invite you to take part in the Remembrance Day for Victims of Political terror.

Contact: Memorial Moscow +7 (095) 209-78-83; 299-41-29; 209-56-54


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