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40 Ukrainian TV journalists accuse the government of putting pressure on the mass media

40 journalists of five of the leading TV stations in the Ukraine demanded to stop putting pressure on them and let them objectively report on the electoral campaign in the country.

A corresponding statement signed by 40 journalists from the stations ISTV, Novy kanal, Tonis, Inter, NTN and 1+1 was published by Sergei Shvets (ISTV) in Kiev on Thursday.

"Journalists of five central TV channels protest against present conditions, under which they report on the electoral campaign on leading TV channels of the Ukraine. They are subjected to pressure from authorities, which force the TV channels and its staff members to report on events in a distorted way or to keep secret of events of public interest at all, notes the statement.

"We are sensible of our responsibility for making information available, due to which people take their decision. Thats why we demand to abide to the following standards of reporting: all news programs must report on all events of public meaning, they must report all central points of view on the events, all information that is sent must be proved and referring sources must be named. We feel obliged to fulfill these standards, declared Shvets.

We appeal to our colleagues to join and support our position, added the journalist.

Source: Interfax


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