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Moscow: Hooligans attack Spartak player

Luke Zoa, dark-skinned defender of the football club Spartak, got into a troublesome situation in the Moscow park Sokolniki on Wednesday during the day. As he himself stated, he was beaten up by unknown hooligans. However, for some reasons he didnt call the police. The doctors noticed bruises and abrasions and advised Zoa not to take part in the trainings for one month.

The attack on the 25 year old player from Cameroon occurred at 4 p.m. on one of the alleys in the park Sokolniki. The foreigner peacefully sat on a bench and chatted with his girlfriend. Some youth went along, stopped suddenly and asked him why he stared at them. Without waiting for an answer they fall upon him and started beating him up. After the Zoas girlfriend started screaming and called for help, the hooligans run away. The girl called an ambulance. The paramedics examined the football player and noticed abrasions and bruises, on his own wish they drove him home. Now Zoa is advised not to take part in the training and avoid physical strain for one month.

For some, so far unknown reason the dark-skinned football player did not make a complaint at a police office. At least on Thursday at noon no one knew about the incident neither in the Central Administration of Internal Affairs, nor in the corresponding departments in Eastern Moscow and in the district Sokolniki (where the park is located). There havent been any statements of foreigners on attacks committed by hooligans. Meanwhile Spartak club officials are convinced that the police is already tracing the hooligans and soon will catch them.

Source: Novye izvestia


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