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Inhabitants of North Ossetia found Ossetian Ku-Klux-Klan

Some dozens inhabitants of North Ossetia, who dont trust the authorities any more for having permitted the death of hundreds of people, have founded the Ossetian Ku-Klux-Klan. Realizing that the police for a long time does only protect itself and those who have the power, they founded a withstanding, secret organization, informs the newspaper GAZETA (GZT.ru).

We are not connected to any kind of racism, there are Greeks, Russians and Ukrainians among us, too, told Alan, one of the organizations founders. And Ku-Klux-Klan - thats, because we also have to be a clan of invisible persons. We are not at all attracted by the romanticism of a revolutionary underground, it s just todays conditions.

The Klan members think that each inhabitant of North Ossetia is guilty in the Beslan tragedy to a certain degree, no matter if it is a boot-maker or a diplomat. The guilty have to be found in the first place at home in front of the mirror and not on the square in front of the government building, says Alan. Each one of us knew that as a result a tragedy would occur, every one knew about police inaction, about bribe-taking at the traffic police posts, about the persons in our government who are not able to bear responsibility. They knew and kept silent. We must not keep silent anymore. Its time to clean the nation from different kinds of mixed-breeds. Its time to decide on which side we stand, the good or the evil. To keep silent, thats evil.

The main aim of the Ossetian Ku-Klux-Klan is to draw the societys and the authorities attention to bribe-takers and not to let them live comfortable. At that no radical actions are considered, marks the newspaper. The most important weapons are not stones and gunpowder, but just the tar and feathers, with which the Klans activists want to smear and cover those officials, who dont abide the laws.

Thats because law abiding people join our organization, explains Alan, specifying this way of action: If a policeman does not know, where a drug dealer lives, we will tell him. If a superior does not know that one of his inferiors takes bribes, we will tell him. If they know about all this and dont do anything, they will be guilty, when our children will die, of drugs or unemployment, not even necessarily from the hands of terrorists. People have the right to know the potential murderers of their children by face, and we will show them and their neighbours, relatives and friends.

The members of the Ossetian Ku-Klux-Klan dont give the impression of being unbalanced. Most of them are people with higher education and firm political views. There are no public figures among them, they dont strive for publicity; they just, by their own admission, cant remain inactive anymore in the face of what is going on in the republic.

It seems as if the idea was born in a kitchen and turned out to be applicable, against the organizers own anticipation. If not we, who then?, they sang at Orlyonoks, said the 34-year old physician from Vladikavkas. No one wanted to be we, but now its time to answer the question who then?.

North Ossetia is a small republic where all people know about each other. Kitchen talks are often more honestly than any court order or commission results, writes GAZETA (GZT.ru). Its impossible to hide a shameful behaviour, one can only keep silent about it and thus create a vicious circle: the more money one has, the higher his or her reputation is. The fact, that the money might be stolen, must not be spoken, say the members of the secret society. Well, a mayor, who complains about the low wages of municipal employees on every meeting of the town council, cannot construct multi-storey houses at the same time. If he does so, on each of these houses shoud be written how its construction was financed

As Vladikavkas police staff members estimate, the Klan members could be sentenced to 15 days for hooliganism at most, if they started to put their program into practice. I personally am not going to catch one of these guys, confessed on of the staff members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Dont we have enough real criminals? Id rather help them.

The lawyer of the republics parliament is not surprised about the existence of the Ossetian Ku-Klux-Klan, too. As long as the organization does not commit any illegal actions, the law will be on their side, since the freedom of association is guaranteed by the state. So it may name itself even Ku-Klux-Klan or Robin Hood, he declared. The main thing is that they dont try to overthrow the political order or arouse ethnic hostility.

Source: NEWSru.com


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