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Announcement of Russian youth to the representatives of the Russian government!

We, the Russian youth, protest that the representatives of the government of the Russian Federation are deliberately encouraging interethnic tension within our country; we protest against the insult of honour and dignity of Russia and the Russian nation by actions of pseudo-patriots, calling themselves nationalists!

During the last few years we have noted an increase in the quantity of crimes in Russia due to interethnic intolerance and xenophobia - the most shocking ones have been the murder of a Tajiks girl in St. Petersburg, an Armenian teenager in Moscow, and several crimes in Voronezh, Volgograd, etc. It is important to note, that these crimes were committed by organized groups calling themselves Skinheads.

Not only do these crimes offend and dishonour Russia and the Russian nation, they also contradict the national interests of the Russian Federation, undermining the foundation of internal security within our country and complicating international relations with other countries, first of all and most notably with the members of the CIS where plenty of our fellow countrymen live.

We are disgusted by the appearance of nationalist organizations and movements in Russia. We are disgusted that their actions have become extremist. We are disgusted that representatives of these organizations intrude into the lives and safety of people, amongst these are foreigners as well; they have never lived with us in one country, and they have an immediate relationship to the formation and the history of Russia just as the citizens of the Russian Federation. We are disgusted that representatives of the government are not only permitting such activities with impunity, but they also ignore the opinions of that part of the population which are growing ever stronger with each new murder.

We insist on the observance of Human Rights in our country, of the Constitution of the Russian Federation! We insist that representatives of the government take the national interests of the country and the opinion of its multinational people into account.

We insist on a just and independent court responsible for those accused of crimes committed because of ethnic, racial or religious hatred or animosity. We insist on legal proceedings which are carried out with the principles of legality and equality of parties.

We address this petition to the representatives of the government at any level and demand:

1. to execute the Constitution and legislation of the Russian Federation;

2. to take measures to ascertain the responsibility of persons guilty of committing crimes due to racial or religious hatred or enmity;

3. to hold investigations of criminal cases according to the principle of legality;

4. to reconsider legislation, concerning the registration of NGOs;

5. to recognize and condemn the presence of danger to Russia represented by nationalist groups!

All-Russian public organization Youth Union of Lawyers


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