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United Front Against Anti-Semitism

New York Police Commissar Raymond Kelly reported to the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Cipi Livni that the authorities proposed a reward of ten thousand dollars to anyone who is willing to catch of provide information on the vandals who drew a swastika and malicious inscriptions on three Jewish buildings in Brooklyn.

One of these buildings is the Brooklyn synagogue, which the head of the Israeli Department of Foreign Affairs visited.

The unsightly inscriptions appeared during Irans President Makhmud Ahmadinejads visit to the session of the General Assembly of United Nations in New York.

According to the head of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when anti-Semitism raises its head it must be met with a severe response and zero tolerance. Extremists attempts to use democratic values that are damaging to us; therefore we must appear before them in a united front.

Source: Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia


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