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Moskovsky Komsomolets. Only the Grave Will Fix the Humpback

In Moscow recently a conference was held on migrant issues. The leader of ethnic unions spoke about the need to simplify the process of receiving permission to live and work officially in the capital and to declare, by example from European countries, migration amnesty. Moscow authorities indicated the need to stiffen the visitor registration rules in the capital, migration services workers told migration amnesty will become a stimulus for the appearance of new illegal migrants in Russia. In short, everything was as it had always been. Someone admonished the migrants; someone reminded that sparkling Moscow was built with the hands of migrants. Each group of participants advanced their understanding of the situation, few paid attention to the arguments of the other side. The journalists from Moskovsky Komsomolets, however, had special ears. They only heard negative comments about migrants. In international vocabulary, this language is called the language of hostility. An example of this is when one writes about numerous crimes committed by visitors in the capital, but when one includes the place so that the reader would think that the statement deals not with the inhabitants of Voronezh or Tambov, but exclusively migrants.

The articles title about the conference results appears as follows:

Under-qualified foreign-illegals take Muscovites places. More than 40% of the crimes are committed by visitors. Almost half of appearing infectious diseases falls on migrants. Such impartial facts were heard at the conference on migrant issues.

The newspaper where this publication appeared would be deprived of its license in a country where the society understands the importance of friendship and cooperation of peoples. In Russia, contrarily, the remarkable editor of this remarkable newspaper, which has for many years been active in propagating the language of hostility, became a member of the Public Chamber.


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