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Neo-Nazi March Forbade In Serbia

The Serbian neo-Nazi group National Guard was planning a march for October 7th, but has been forbidden by the national police.

The date of carrying out the so-called March for the Unity of Serbia coincides with the birthday of Henry Gimler, head of the fascist organization involved in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Roma in the former Yugoslavia during the Second World War.

Members of the group National Guard together with its leader, Goran Davidovich (nickname "Fuhrer"), have already been condemned for disseminating racial hatred. They have been recognized guilty of sabotaging lectures about the threat of fascism at the University of Novy Sad in November, 2005, the insult of lecture participants and the public demonstration of a Nazi greeting. The same year, anti-Semitic posters and graffiti, signed by the group, were found in some Serbian cities, including Belgrade.

The head of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald Lauder, in a letter to Serbias president Boris Tadik, noted that extremist sights and neo-Nazi activity of members of the group National Guard contradict the values of a democratic society.

Source: All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress


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