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Anti-Immigrant Messages Have Appeared on Volgograd Houses

On houses in Volgograd, messages with Hitler's portrait and the inscription "Kill immigrants. It is fun" have turned up. Messages began to appear on facades of Volgograd houses several weeks ago.

Some messages are simply a portrait; one person shooting at others, with the same inscription: kill. The majority of images are in the Dzerzhinsk area, on Zhukov prospect and Seven Winds.

One of such images was found on the wall of post office 117 in the Dzerzhinsk area. According to local residents, the Nazi print appeared almost three weeks ago.

What a nightmare! Our employees saw nothing, we come in a service entrance, Nina Makobok, the head of the post office tells. And people said nothing to us, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda informs.

According to Anatoly Grishin, the deputy chief of the Dzerzhinsky area municipal department of the Volgograd administration, spot-checks on the destruction of inscriptions on houses are carried out weekly.

Yes, we were informed of such pictures and our employees painted over them at once, he stated. Who is making them, we do not know. Tenants of affected houses say that unidentified people are drawing them at night.

In spite of the fact that complaints from the population were not expressed, we know about such facts, - public prosecutor of the Dzerzhinsky area Yuri Trubitsyn noted. We are warning all participants and orderlies in the PPC to immediately inform us about the occurrence of such images. However, so far, no-one has been found. We cannot patrol each house at night.

The management of the FSB (Federal Security Service) in the Volgograd area stated, that "operative work in search of these artists is being carried out. We assume that such inscriptions are possibly made by members of one of the pro-fascist organizations. And, in the meantime, an official site of this group with a detailed message to carry out of propaganda in Volgograd has already appeared, a newspaper summarizes.

The informing of the occurrence of similar inscriptions and leaflets could be done by the dispatcher in regional housing and communal services. Those who live there should remove them within a day.

These actions can be regarded as appeals to extremism and also as actions directed at kindling ethnic enmity, will falls under Item 280 and Item 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Depending on what was done, a penalty up to 300 thousand roubles, arrest from 4 till 6 months, or imprisonment till 3 years is brought against the criminal, a newspaper quotes lawyer Alexander Lymarja.

It should be remembered that, as earlier portrayed by Kavkaz Uzel, in April 2007, in the Volgograd regional court began the process regarding an attack on April 13, 2006. Skinheads fell on a Roma camp and murdered two people in the vicinities of Volga city, Volgograd area. In the judicial session hall candidates were called to form a jury. Seventeen have been selected from fifty-six.

"It was the first day of the actual session, recounts Elena Konstantinova, chairman of the public organization for the protection of Roma womens rights:Congress of Roma Women, to the correspondent from Kavkaz Uzel. I was made aware of the following victims: Rose Marenkova, 13 years old, and her mother, Marina Filippovna Marenkova ".

According to Elena Konstantinova, the girls condition in court drastically worsened: her expression was one of fear and horror from memories of past events. The first thing she said was: "Not all defendants are here.There were more, about twenty people, Elena Konstantinova corresponded. As she said, during the first break, Rose Marenkova and her mother began to cry and expressed their desire to leave the courtroom.

Elena Konstantinova described the problems which arose during the court session: "During the trial, we expressed that the victims required a translator. The court rejected our oral petition. The Marenkova family are illiterate people who speak a Vlashsky dialect. They cannot correctly answer questions asked. Not all Roma understand legal terms which the court and lawyers of defendants use. Our question was: What can the victim do in this situation? The judge declared that it is possible to do without the victims. It is sufficient to read their statements, and that is all".

"On behalf of directors of justice we look at their relation to ethnic prejudice Elena Konstantinova declared. At the proceeding, the laughter of lawyers, defendants and judges" was constantly audible. She considers that such an attitude puts indirect pressure on victims. "We shall not be silent any more, Elena Konstantinova stated. Such boorish attitudes were why the victims left the court. And jury selection was carried out without the victims".

Elena Konstantinova told that defendants and their lawyers "try to disrupt the process. For example, on April 10th, defendant Zhedyaevy rejected the outlet of the attorney. The absence of lawyers of defendants, in general, became constant practice. The defendants defense take these actions so that the event would not take place. So they conduct and order defendants attourneys also on preliminary events. Protection of defendants accepts these actions that the hearing has not taken place. So itself conduct and conducted lawyers and defendants and on preliminary hearing. Probably, they are going to continue to behave like this.

Elena Konstantinova also noted, that the mass-media ignore this litigation in a strange way. Journalists do not go to court sessions. Nobody takes interview ".

Let us recall that skinheads attacked a gipsy tent camp in the environs of Volga in Volgograd province on the nights of April 12 and 13, 2006. The criminals severely beat the people in tents with sticks and stones. As a result, an old Roma woman and a homeless woman of Slavic appearance were killed. An 80 year-old and a 13-year-old girl, both Roma, suffered serious mutilations. One other Roma woman, a Russian girl and even two Roma adolescents also suffered. However, the latter managed to run away from the pogromshchiks. According to Dmitry Kozyrskiy, an inspector in the separate investigation control of the procurator of the Volgograd province, Romani and Russian woman were brutally killed. The Romani woman had all her ribs broken and a stone with a weight of about 25 kilograms was thrown at her head ". The corpse of the woman was not identified.

Source: KavkazMemo.ru


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