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Luzhkov Proposes to Create a Ministry of Ethnicities

Moscows Mayor Yuri Luzhkov considers that to create a Ministry of Ethnic Affairs would be practical. He spoke of this recently at a session of the city government, where a 2008-2010 special-purpose program, the Capital of Multi-Ethnic Russia, was discussed

According to Luzhkov, such a ministry operated in Soviet times, and its disbandment did not bring positive results. We need to turn to state leadership with the proposal to create such a ministry, he expressed.

Furthermore, in the course of the session, the mayor made the decision to modify the special-purpose program indicated. Luzhkov noted that concrete solutions regarding the peaceful co-existence of people of different ethnicities in the city are not contained in the program.

At the same time, the program contains plans with respect to conducting a number of interethnic festivals, exhibitions, and the development of a network of ethnographical museums and press publications about the peaceful closeness of people of different ethnicities, etc.

It is worth noticing, that Moscow, like St. Petersburg, Voronezh and Rostov-on-the-Don, is considered to be one of the centers of the propagation of the skinhead movement, the ideology of which places emphasis on an extreme intolerance of people of non-Slavic appearance. Attacks occur in these cities almost weekly.

According to statistics collected by the Security Administration of the government of Moscow, in the capital and the neighboring suburbs, about five thousand skinheads have been recorded. At the same time, in the order of 140 ethnic diasporas, numbering more than one thousand, are found in the Moscow area.

Source: top.rbc.ru


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