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Representatives of the Black Continent to meet in St. Petersburg for African Day

St. Petersburg, June 20 - RIA News, Maxim Nichiporenko. Celebrations for the traditional African Day will take place in St. Petersburgs Institute of International Educational Programs on July 5th. The local public organization African Unity informed RIA News about this.

African Day dates back to the anniversary of the creation of the intergovernmental union of the countries released from colonial dependence of the Black Continent on May 25, 1963 which now is called the African Union.

Representatives from African peoples such as Bamileke, Bassa, Bulu (Cameroon), Lari, Bakongo (Congo), Nfuntuku (Zambia) and Bete (Ivory Coast) will take part in the celebration.

For the visitors of this festival, African drummers and musical ensembles will perform.

Also, an exhibition of arts and crafts will take place. Furthermore, everyone who is interested may try national African cuisine.

To the inhabitants and visitors of St. Petersburg, a city distinguished by its multi-nationality, were faced last time with a problem of discrimination not only on religious, but also due to racial prejudices, demonstrations of xenophobia, and sometimes fascism. Africans living and studying in this big city are exposed to the threat of racial hostility, psychological and physical aggression. One of the most effective measures to solve this problem may be acquainting Russians with the multi-national African culture, stated the organization.

The organizers of this festival, the public organization African Unity in St. Petersburg have begun to communicate with the government of St. Petersburg. African Day was supported by the St. Petersburg House of Nationalities and the charity organization Ichumbi.

Source: RIA News


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