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Moscow Town Council delegate Yuriy Popv again calls to discriminate against immigrants

Moscow Town Council delegate Yuriy Popov, who is notorious for his xenophobic initiatives, distributed a letter to the voters in his electoral district through the mailbox. In this letter he asks how concerned they are about problems like crimes by illegal immigrants and the drastic changes of the composition of the townspeople.

Delegate Popov sees immigrants as a real threat to national safety: Some foreign countries, including those of the former Soviet Union, allow their envoys large and cheap credits so they can consolidate their grip on the economy here, and afterwards rise to power.

Popov again calls to pass special laws about safety in Moscow and about the priority of the Russian population. Also, he wants to change the legislation in force to prohibit non-citizens of the Russian Federation who permanently live in Moscow being elected for a position in the local authorities.


Source: The Analytic Information Center "Sova"


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