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A wave of political hacks and blocking of resources on the Russian internet

Throughout the last month SecurityLab, a Russian center for information safety in the Internet, was often asked to comment on the expanding wave of political hacks. According to our information, the homepages www.komsomol.ws and skm-rf.ru (twice) were hacked, a little bit earlier the homepage of the information analysis center Sova was wrecked, just like dozens of other homepages.

Today there was new information about hacks on the homepage jewish.ru and, in the late afternoon, on the homepage www.mhg.ru (Moscow Helsinki group). We will soon appeal to the Office of the Public Prosecutor and to authorized human rights organisations of the Russian Federation about the interference with our homepage. We are taking all possible measures to protect our homepage, the chairwoman of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseeva said on Saturday.

On Sunday, the homepage of the information analysis portal of antifascists www.antifa.ru was hacked into by right-wing extremists.

All these incidents had the mode of attack in common: Banners of the ultra-right national-socialist organisation Slavic Union, inviting viewers to have a look on the homepages demushkin.com, ns-rus.cc and ns-88.org for further information.

An announcement was published on one of these homepages about the recruitment of hackers into a subdivision of information war. There you can also find the motives for their sabotage of information: Our subdivision of information war will continue to shut down homepages that propagate tolerance, communism, Judaism and other perversions on sexual grounds ...

It has to be said that there have never been waves of political attacks on the Russian internet like this before. Normally, our hackers are extremely apolitical and invade out of mere naughtiness or for training purposes.

According to unconfirmed information, the Slavic Union managed to come to an agreement with a well-known Russian hacker group. In any case, in the close future more attacks on homepages of famous political and social organisations have to be expected, as well as reciprocal damage to nationalistic homepages.

Only a few hours after this event, the group antishare team hacked the homepage ns-88.org in return. The defaced screen shot can be seen here: http://xpow.antishare.net/deface/ns-88.org.JPG .Also the homepage ns-forum.net and some other radical sites were hacked by this group.

To prevent hacks of this kind we advise the protesting sides to quickly secure their homepage. On the homepage www.freescan.ru organisations can order a free check for possible vulnerable applications that might lead to a defacing of the homepage free of charge, as SecurityLab affirms.

At the same time, there has been information about a suppression of Internet resources in the regions ordered by the local authorities.

In particular in Marij-El Republic information in this respect turned up. For several days the opposition homepage Marijskaya Stranitsa could not be accessed by the republics inhabitants. At the same time, intelligence officers lodged complaints about the inaccessibility of the homepage Vlasti.net in Marij-El, a site that spreads uncensored news about the republic.

This is not the first time that the authorities of Marij-El try to limit the inhabitants access to information that is disagreeable for the administration of Markelov. Likewise in the middle of November 2004 the internet edition Vlasti.net, that published material criticizing the authorities of Marij-El Republic, was hacked.

The homepage Marijskaya stranitsa www.mari.ee is one of a few alternative sources of information about the situation in Marij-El. On this portal knowledge of severe violations of human rights, of freedom of speech and of laws of the Russian Federation and of Marij-El Republic became public property. Thanks to Marijskaya stranitsa, the lawless actions of the administration and the government of Leonid Markelov in Marij-El Republic were uncovered and brought to the attention of the international community.

Even today all opposition editions of Marij-El have to be printed outside the republic. Despite this, the Russian State Duma and the State Assembly of Marij-El Republic claim that the freedom of speech in the republic is guaranteed.

Experienced users in Marij-El added some more information, in particular this: Since June 9, 2005 on the server Volgatelekom (Martelkom) the following sites are blocked: mari.ee and vlasti.net. They were hacked by instructions from the Grey House. How can we talk about freedom of speech in Marij-El? But, thank God, there are other providers in addition to Martelkom. So also these attempts of the authorities can be overcome (?).


Source: Vlasti.net


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