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Caucasian Pogroms in Karelia

Mass Caucasian Pogroms have happened in the night from Friday to Saturday in the karelian industrial city Kondopoga. In a fight three local residents were killed by nationalists from Moscow, and the local population took up arms against Chechens. The local administration has already decided to close the market and the Caucasian Cafe in the city. The population of Kondopoga demands deportation of Caucasians.

In the night of September, 1st and 2nd in Kondopoga, hosting about 40 thousand people, took place mass disturbances. In some parts of the city the pogroms were radically applied against Caucasian immigrants living in Kondopoga. Besides the incidences of September 2nd, locals of Kondopoga went to the assembly, demanding to liberate the city of the Chechen Diaspora.

On August, 29th the disturbances in Kondopoga resulted in a clash after the incidence in the city cafe Chayka, which is owned by Chechen immigrants. In addition to the murder of three people by Moscow nationalists, furthermore 9 persons were injured. According to the Ministry for Internal Affairs of Karelia a group of young people, had been enjoying themselves in the restaurant. As their behavior was noisy, the barkeeper asked them to behave properly. The representative of the law enforcement organ reports in the State Television Channel Karelia that one of the guests entered the squabble and started beating, however he managed to escape.

After a while the barkeeper came back accompanied by a group armed with knives, bats and parts of armature.

In total 25 persons were involved in the incidence. Two people died at the bar due to sever knife injuries. A third person died during the transportation to the hospital. The injured persons were delivered to city clinics. As a fact, this case was judged according to 105, Russian Law Codex of Russian Federation (Murder). Investigation was carried out under observance of a public prosecutor. The police informed that all involved persons were registered and questioned. Some are under arrest.

The police didnt communicate further details. However, representatives of the right wing extremist organization Movement Against Illegal Immigration intervened at this point. On their website they report that the struggle between the restaurant holder Chechen Diaspora and residents already started at the market place. This is why a group of armed Chechen nationalists entered the cafe Chayka and started beating the guests. The Movement Against Illegal Immigrations states that three residents where killed in the clash. Precisely this caused the subsequent disorder.

Within 24 hours, in the night of September, 1st arsons and Caucasian pogroms initiated in the city.

In the karelian newspaper Vse the city fire brigade informs that two fires have been extinguished in Kondopoga. In the night of September, 1st at 1.45 a.m. a hall of playing machines has been lit up. A second fire broke out an hour later in an Express grocery store. The incendiaries used bottles filled with a gas mixture. According to the local Mass-Media, injured parties belong to the restaurant holders Chayka, where the clash took place.

On September, 1st also arrived advocates of the right winged movement Movement Against Illegal Immigration from Moscow and other cities in Kondopoga. They should have taken part in the assembly meeting, which was organized at the entrance of the central market by the population of Kondopoga on September, 2nd at 12.00 a.m. The market is located on the opposite of the mayors office. According to the right wing extremists the initiators of the anti Chechen actions were members of the Kondopagan National Assembly of Inhabitants. Saturday night, just before these actions, the fires like in the Cafe Chayka were set off.

The Centre for Information Analyses SOVA reports, that thugs armed with stones and bottles containing combustible liquid were screaming nationalistic slogans. They entered the scuffle with the emergency platoon, which has already arrived at the cafe. The police was able to detain some of the initiators causing the riot. However, yet nothing was reported about the initiators background and their membership to any extremist party. In addition the local mass media informs of attempts to lighten the cafe owners office and the city market. According to informal sources traumas were provoked at 8 immigrants during the pogroms.

On Saturday the meeting between right winged extremists and the local population demanding the eviction of Chechen persons living in the city took place.

Alexander Belov, leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration arrived before the meeting. On the nationalists homepage they published, that about two thousand persons participated in the assembly. However, the newspaper Gazete.Ru reports, that only some hundred people gathered at the market square. The local population declared that they are going to stay at the square until the administration has decided about the eviction of all Chechens residing in Kondopoga to their homeland within 24 hours. The decision the local authority is going to take is still obscure. The city administration is currently negotiating with the parties. For the time being the central market and the cafe Chayka will remain closed.

Representatives of the Chechen Diaspora are not present at the meeting. The police and emergency riot have closed the square. So far nobody has been detained and the situation remains relatively quiet although the participants yet didnt declare to loosen the strike.

The Moslem Spiritual Board took position against the disturbances in Kondopoga. Believers of the republic asked inhabitants of Kondopoga to conserve calmness, avoiding any provocation that may cause ethnical disagreement. Such provocation may result in further violence, respectively risking innocent people being involved.

Source: .Ru


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