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Attempts to prosecute the author of Manual on Street Terror so far unsuccessful.

In recent times, attacks on foreigners in St. Petersburg have become more frequent. The police attribute this to an increase in the level of organization of extremists. On Petersburg websites methodical instructions are published on how to attack foreigners - a so-called " Manual on street terror ". In fine detail it describes why and how it is necessary to kill foreigners. The author of the manual calls on teenagers to form groups called " white patrols ", and to wander back streets in search of potential victims. Entire sections of the manual are devoted to methods of killing representatives of "wrong" races. It is widely thought that the author of the manual is former Duma deputy Yuriy Belyaev Lensoveta, chairman of the ultra-nationalistic party Svoboda (freedom). In his materials he has repeatedly told young people " to defeat the enemy by improvised means ". For some years, the Office of Public Prosecutor has ignored his encouragement of racist violence, although he clearly does encourage violence in his published materials. These incitements have only been officially recognized only in 2004 and a criminal case was opened on the topic- but it was closed after a few months - due to the expiration of the limitation period.

20 March, in Oktyabriskii regional court in St Petersburg another case was heard , Yuri Belyaev was accused of inflaming ethnic and religious tensions. The leader of the party Svoboda (Freedom), Aleksandr Vtulkin, has been connected to the attempted assassination of the governor of St Petersburg. In court the accused declared, that actually, he " tried to prevent the assassination attempt on Valentina Matvienko which was prepared, ostensibly, by the chairman of Svoboda, Yuriy Belyaev ". Belyaev himself, also questioned in court as a witness, called Aleksandr Vtulkin " a ridiculous petty hooligan ".

Most attacks on foreigners are classified by the police as simply hooliganism only in rare cases have prosecutors managed to prove motive of ethnic hatred..

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