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Wine-Lovers Protest at Russian Embassy by Holding Georgian Feast

On Thursday, April 27, representatives of the world association of wine-lovers carried out a protest by organizing a traditional Georgian feast at the Russian embassy in Tbilisi.

At the embassy a table was set for 12 people, to which the participants of this activity were invited. Within several hours they gave toasts to Georgia, Russia and to Georgian wine. Besides traditional Georgian dishes, such as Mtshadi, Khikali, Khatshapuri, Kebab and Shashlik, a huge quantity of white and red Georgian wine, factory as well as homemade, were presented at the table.

We support all producers of wine anywhere in the world. Among representatives of our association are citizens of different countries who love wine, including Georgian, commented one of the participants. His name is Timothy, he lives in New York and is an American citizen. He told the Georgian information agency Novosti-Grusia that he has already lived and worked in Georgia for four years.

Timothy introduced himself also as Timophei, and remarked that this is because he has lived quite some years in Russia.

I have lived in Russia for several years. I love this country very much. I love the Russian culture. But I want to point out that the decision to forbid the import of Georgian wine to Russia is unjust. Georgian wine is simply excellent. I also can tell you where in Russia it is possible to buy a high-quality Georgian wine, and that if you buy a bottle for 30 Rubles it certainly will not be wine, noted Timothy.

He made clear that in Russia many counterfeit Georgian wines are on sale. You can buy many Georgian wines, of which the majority are poor-quality fakes. It is difficult to tell, where they come from, but it is primarily a problem for Russia, not for Georgia, noted Timothy.

Timothy also noticed, that Russians traditionally perceive Georgians as the most generous people in the Caucasus. There has always been a special relationship between the Georgians and Russians. Now that Georgian wine is forbidden, this will damage not only the Georgian economy, but against Georgia itself, noted the participant.

The organizers of this activity have prepared a manifesto which suggests passing a law allowing all citizens of either country to drink the wine of their choice. The representatives of the association also categorically oppose counterfeit wines.

Among the representatives of the association who took part in today's action were citizens from various countries, in particular the USA, Germany, France and Brazil, who live or work in Georgia.

Representatives of the association informed the information-agency Novosti-Grusia that their organization was created in Georgia shortly after Russia put a ban on deliveries of Georgian wine to the Russian market.

The world association of wine-lovers also promotes the protection of human rights and a recognition of peoples right to drink quality wine.

Source: Novosti-Grusia


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