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State Duma Deputies have Advised the Media to Cover the Situation with Migrants Positively

The State Duma Committees of Information Policy and of Ethnic Affairs together with the parliament of Kabardino-Balkariya have carried out a round table session on the theme of "Interethnic Dialogue in Russia as Reflected by the Media" in Nalchik.

In particular, the first vice-president of the Committee on Ethnic Affairs, Galina Doroshenko, has noted that mass media can provide an opportunity to conduct a dialogue between various groups of the population and can help promote the development of tolerance. However, they may strengthen negative ethnic stereotypes occurring in the mass consciousness and could promote the destabilization of society.

According to the office of the State Dumas Direction of Public Relations and Interaction with Mass Media, the participants are of the opinion that the media should pay special attention to the coverage and expansion of positive articles about the conditions, tasks, problems and prospects of labor migration to Russia. In addition, participants must pay special attention to the continued neglect of legislative initiatives on how to budget allocation which finance the state national policies of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Source: www.nakanune.ru


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