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The Public Forum New Bridges of Intercultural Interactions was Held in Moscow

Participants of the public forum New Bridges of Intercultural Interactions , which was held in the Conference Hall of the Council of Muftis in Moscow on May 31, stressed the need to switch from intercultural talk to partnership on equal terms. Council of Muftis in Russia (CMR), TV News Channel Rusiya Al-Yaum and Institute of Islamic gave presentations as organizers. There were more than hundred people present on the forum, among whom ambassadors of the Arabian states, representatives of scientific community and activists of the Russian Muslim communities.

The Russian Moslems today are in an uneasy situation, the public forum was opened by such words by sheikh Ravil Gajnutdin, the chairman of R. Today we try to resolve one of the most complicated problems of the present world -- to preserve our civilization and to arrange dialogue with other cultures. In R.Gajnutdina's opinion, we can frequently hear the opinion rooted from the western ideologists that 21 century is a century of intercultural oppositions and that religions and ethnos can not agree with each other, even hardly can tolerate voice from each other. They say that too many things divide ethnic groups and countries today. The Chairman of the Council of Muftis completely disagrees with this point of view. The example of the Russian Islam has shown that inter-religious and intercultural dialogues are not only possible, but also successfully exist. We, Russian Moslems, sincerely hope that this dialogue could develop and achieve success. For this reason we try to cooperate with all religions introduced into Russia, arrange intercultural interaction and carry out joint conferences and meetings. We are open and we hope that there is tolerance instead of aggression and enmity in the world, concluded R.Gajnutdin.

The ambassador of the League of Arabian States also confirmed the words of the sheikh. He said that in last decade the mutual relations between Russia and the Islamic world have became considerably more active and embarked on a qualitatively higher level. Now in our relations appears a historical turning not only because Russia warms up the political and economic relations with the Arabian countries but also because 10 percent of the population of Russia are Moslems, Mr. ambassador emphasized. In his opinion, the idea of multicultural dialogue is not new and today various concepts of this interaction are actively discussed all over the world. However, Russia is the only country which acts in this discussion offering an advanced idea - partnership of civilizations, the ambassador said. He added that the Arabian world thinks highly of the participation of Russia in multicultural dialogue. Experience of your country can set to all of us a good example of tolerance, which we dont have enough today, said ambassador.

Successful and effective co-operation of arrangement and interaction of multicultural dialogue not only lies with Islamic, but also with the whole world, recognized participants from Institute of Islamic Civilization, whose ten-year anniversary fell on the date of the present meeting.

Director of the institute Said Kamilev emphasized that the primary goal of the activities of his institute is not only to show all world a true Islam and true Moslems, but also to restore true meaning of he religion to Moslems, as it is frequently absent in them. Speaking about modern trends and intercultural mutual relations, S.Kamilev sharply criticized a widely distributed concept Societies of Islamization today. He notes that now it is increasingly often that this term can be heard only in negative interpretation. However, in opinion of the Director of Institute of Islamic Civilization, Islamization has given the world almost all modern branches of knowledge: All modern sciences - both exact sciences, and humanitarian - all of them have emerged from Islamic civilization. Thanks to Islamization many countries have received great potential for development of the spirituality, culture and art. In S.Kamileva's opinion, it is not as important to conduct intercultural dialogue and inter-religious interaction as to arrange co-operation and search for things in common with the secular world that has refused to accept religious values. Secular has become dominating in Europe. And when we speak about dialogue of civilizations, we should have it clear in mind that with whom we shall carry on this dialogue and co-operation. Today we should develop not simply culture of the world, and culture of mutual trust. Only then our interaction will be fruitful and successful, concluded Said Kamilev.

Rapprochement with the Islamic world is a strategic way for modern Russia for a long time, for ever, declared Veniamin Popov, the special envoy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. He also has supported the necessity for Russia to switch from idea of dialogue to partnership of civilizations in the contacts with the Islamic world, which can become not only a realistic principle of foreign policy of Russia, but also will affect all of its international activities. In this aspect the ambassador highly evaluated the importance of the beginning of the broadcasting of the satellite channel Russia today in the Arabian language: This is an outstanding event concerning Russia's relationship with the Arabian Islamic world. Rusiya Al-Yaum started broadcasting on May 4th ,2007. This Russian TV News channel in Arabian language has a potential audience of more than 350 million from different countries of the world today. Besides international news, the satellite TV channel reports in detail on the political, social and economic and cultural life of modern Russia. Special attention is given to history of the Russian-Arabian relations, which, in opinion of Veniamin Popova, is extremely important. Today we actively develop the pace of rapprochement of Russia with the Islamic world. And positive result of it is that Russia was included the observer in the Organization Islamic Conference (IC), the ambassador said. I hope that this forum will serve as one more powerful stimulus for rapprochement of Russia with the Islamic world and implementation of ideas of partnership of civilizations and cultural trust. And now, when the Russian Islam one more powerful tool - the channel Rusiya Al-Yaum has appeared, I am confident that this process will go even faster.

Included in the work of the state forum was the presentation of a ten minute film, devoted to the promotion of what is called The Golden Koran. The Moscow Mint printed the pages of this book which are sacred to Muslims, in the form of a golden plaque. The ancient manuscript from the 18th century known as The Koran of Usman served as the original.14 kilograms of gold and 999 tests were needed for the preparation of this original version of the Koran. The book contains 163 golden pages of Arabic script. It is about 14 centimeters tall and around 10 centimeters wide. Each page has been finished with a fillet. The most advanced Russian technology of high quality collectable items was used in the production of this unique book. The public will be able to enjoy the The Golden Koran since June 25th at Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, where the exhibition will be held for two weeks.

Source: Blakovest-Info


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