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Crimea: Ukrainian troops against Crimean Tartars

A detachment of internal forces was sent to the Silent Bay tract near Koktebel, where Crimean Tartars occupied part of a restricted area , the dependent mass media propagate. What is this, a new civil war on the territory of the former USSR? "

The situation in the Crimean Republic threatens to turn into a new tragedy Ukrainian troops against Crimean Tartars.

The head of the Crimean government, Anatoliy Matvienko, states that the military operation took place to avoid a clash.

The troops were sent to the Silent Bay tract near Koktebel, where the Crimean Tartars had started to build eight houses, by which they supposedly occupied part of a restricted area.

In May the corrupt Crimean parliament decided to declare the tract a nature preserve. This happened after Crimean Tartars for two years had strived to lay the cornerstone of a Tartar village in this picturesque place.

Keep in mind that the other day the Crimean tartars were offered a piece of land not, as promised earlier, in the Silent Bay, but in a remote area, in a really bad place that is not at all inhabitable.

It is obvious that instead of smoothing the consequences of the genocide of the Crimean Tartar people, the Crimean parliament aggravated the situation even more, demonstrating to the whole world its short-sightedness and its Chauvinist disposition.

As a reaction to this, on the night of July 9th the Tartars started building eight houses in Silent Bay. After this, there was concocted a criminal law suit based on the fact that the Tartars unlawful activities caused discontent among the Orthodox population.

In reality, the land where the houses were being built had under strange circumstances without the Tartars knowledge been given to the leaders of a local criminal Cossack group, whose members happen to be the Orthodox population that is not content with the Crimean Tartars activities.

Right now it is hard and even frightening to predict how the situation at the Crimea will turn out. Is the Ukrainian president Yushchenko aware of what is going on? Of course. Will he intervene? Will he fulfill his pre-election promises about cooperation with the Crimean Tartars regarding their problems? We will see.


Source: The newspaper "tartarlar.ru"


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