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Syrian Students Assaulted in Krasnodar

Two Syrian students from the Kuban Technological Institute were attacked on November 25th. One was a first year student Igab Daban and the other was a third year student, Imad Khidjazi. The attack was carried out by unidentified persons at a tram stop in the area where Kommunarov and Gogol streets meet. Everything happened so suddenly that the victims cannot event say how many attackers there were, told Mazuz Rimavi, chairperson of the Arab Community of Kuban.

Both Syrians were taken to the Krasnodar krai hospital with injuries and abrasions. Doctors attest that their condition is stable.

Two adolescents were detained after the attack. The proceedings that they are facing so far will be under article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (hooliganism). Associates of the Krasnodar Department of Internal Affairs are clearing up the motives for the attack. As Ilya Shakalov, head of the press-service reported, two suspects are being held while the legal proceedings under article 213 are being carried out.


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