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Skinheads Attacked an Associate of the Tuva Government in the St. Petersburg Metro but Police Refuse to Search for the Perpetrators

Last Saturday in the St. Petersburg metro, skinheads hit Sayana Mongush, our colleague. She is a journalist by profession and works in the directors division of the chancellery of the central government of Tuva. This information was communicated by Ruslan Linkov, the human rights activist who found the victim and took her to hospital in the Primorsky region of the northern capital.

A record of this event turned up in the on-line live-journal of Ruslan Linkov on the evening of December 1st. As Linkov explains, he found out about the assault on the Tuva native also on the internet, where a friend of the victim described it all. Sayana Mongush suffered multiple haematomas from, in her words, the kicks that were delivered with steel-toed boots. As it was explained, the victim, by profession a journalist, now works in the directors division of the chancellery of the central government of Tuva.

Ms. Mongush arrived in St. Petersburg to stay with friends for a few days. From what she reported, on Saturday, around 2 pm, she went down to the metro, making her way to the side of the station Prospect Prosveshcheniya. She soon after noticed that a young man in a black leather jacket, boots with forged soles and with a shaved head was standing opposite her. In Petersburg now, as a rule, this is how skinheads dress. At the station Gorkovskaya, this guy jumped out at the platform with seven followers and yelled There she is! According to Mr. Linkov, the skinheads began to hit Sayana in the wagon itself, in full view of the other passengers. One of the attackers periodically blocked the doors of the carriage so no one would leave. A man who was sitting by Sayana tried to intervene, and the skinheads began to attack him as well. The other passengers pretended that there was nothing going on. At the Chrnaya Rechka station, Sayana managed to jump out of the carriage. A man in his fifties went up to her on the platform and showed her a video recording of the attack that he had filmed on his mobile. Mr. Linkov assumed that this man specifically went with the skinheads and recorded the events. Sayana, having reached the end of the Prospect Prosveshcheniya station, turned to the Head Ministry of Internal Affairs at the metro. The police, however, according to the human rights activist, refused to accept her statement, explaining: We dont have skinheads.

Source: Producer Center RUKH


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