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St Petersburg : 9 year old girl stabbed three times.

In St Petersburg, 25 March 2006, there was an armed attack on a nine year old girl of mixed race, reported Newsru. On Saturday at 20.50 on Ligovskii Prospekt a nine year old girl went into the entrance of her block of flats after a walk in the yard. Two young men followed her into the hallway next to her flat and there stabbed her three times with a large knife around her neck and ears. Reported Interfaxa in court in St Petersburg.

According to information received by the prosecution, in spite of the wounds, the girl managed to get in to her flat, where her father called emergency services. The girl was immediately hospitalized. The victim is a Russian citizen, her mother is Russian and her father from Mali, in Africa.

The Office of Public Prosecutor is calling the case attempted murder, it has suggested that the motivation for the attack may be ethnic hatred, announced the public prosecutor of St Petersburg, Sergei Zaitsev, to journalists on Sunday.

This case has caused public outcry. As the perpetrators of this attack immediately left the scene, we consider that a motive for this attack may be hooliganism, but as the victim is of mixed race we are also considering racial hatred as a motive said Zaitsev.

Source: http://www.hro.org >


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