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The Central Directorate of Internal Affairs (GUVD) of Moscow mobilizes its whole strength for the fight against skinheads

Law-enforcement organs are mobilizing their whole strength for the fight against nationalist youth movements, the head of the GUVD Moscow Region Department for the Protection of Law and Order, militia officer Nikolai Parfenov, said today in the course of an interview with RIA Novosti.

It is stupid to claim that we dont have these problems, he said about the existence of extremist youth groups in the Moscow region. However, he stressed that this situation is thoroughly tracked by the law-enforcement organs. Even the smallest manifestation is taken care of and put on the schedule. We have a careful watch on these people, he remarked. Whenever these young people show up somewhere, all sorts of forces are sent there district militia, militia patrol duty, the state inspection of road safety, and if necessary, the Militia Detachment of Special Designation (OMON). We do not allow these kinds of eye-catching demonstrations.

Meanwhile, according to a recent social survey carried out by the Levada Analytical Center, among Russian citizens a nationalist mood has recently gained popularity. In particular young people are inclined towards this ideology.


Source: jewish.ru


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