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France has passed new law on Immigration with possible Consequences

The upper chamber of the French parliament has approved a new rigid law on immigration. The passed law should sharply reduce the inflow of immigrants to the country from other countries of the European Union, and also evict a significant part of the illegal immigrants already living in the country.

The government henceforth will annually set quotas on the number of workplaces for which foreigners can apply.

First of all, qualified experts will be admitted. All the others have to pass rigid scrutiny to acquire the right to live in France.

The bill foresees the abolition of automatically granting residence permits to persons - and also their children - who have illegally lived in France for more than 10 years. There will be quota restrictions for low-qualified and poor immigrants whose documents need to conform with French laws and the French language.

As the Russian media informs, the French government has decided to toughen the legislation in this area after a wave of assaults, organized by people with an immigrant background, swept the country last autumn.

Debate on the new law began in the French parliament at the beginning of May this year. In the same month, it was approved by the lower chamber - the National assembly. The majority of French supported the toughening of conditions for immigrants.

The new bill became the reason of mass agitation in France. According to the New York Times, thousand of opponents plan to participate in numerous protest marches in the country.

Source: Velikaya Epokha (Epoch Times International)


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