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Youth Film Festival Come and Watch- Cinema against Hate Youth Film Festival

Come and Watch

Cinema against hate

10-15 November 2007

Youth Human Rights Movement

The Youth Network against Racism and Intolerance

Movement Young Europe

Within the framework of International Educational Week they have released Kristallnacht - Never Again. From the 10th to the 15th of November 2007 in Moscow Kristallnacht -Never Again! is to be released as part of International Education Week in the Youth Film Festival Come and Watch Cinema against hate. The festival is made up of feature and documentary films that are devoted to the problems of xenophobia and intolerance against those of other races, nationalities, creeds, and sexual orientation. Visitors will also be able to familiarize themselves with the thematic exhibitions about the problems of violence and aggression on nationalistic grounds.

Every day in Russia murders because of racial, religious, or nationalistic hatred are committed. The press only reports the odd case, but in reality crimes like these happen every day. On the 4th of November 2007 in Moscow a Russian March was held, organized by the coalition of organizations of the radical right. There were about 3000 people who took part in the march.

A group of youths, who are excited about the future of the country in which they live, have decided to show, that in Russia there is an alternative to hatred and fascism. We believe that we can change something. Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm and though our own initiative that we are having the educational youth film festival.

We are the international network Youth Human Rights Movement and we are working with our friends: The Youth Network against Racism and Intolerance and the movement Young Europe.

The film festival will take place within the framework of the International Week of Education or Kristallnacht- Never Again! (http://9-november.hrworld.ru/), the company Stop Fascism. The European network UNITED for Intercultural Action and the company Everybody is Different- Everybody is Equal!

With the support of the museum and public centre Andrey Sakharov, the helpful charitable organizations which aide underprivileged migrants, Civil Assistance, the information/analytical centre Owl, the Russian National Committee Campaign Everybody is Different- Everybody is equal.

A Brief Overview:

The 9th of November is The International Day against Fascism, Racism, and Anti-Semitism. During the nights of the 9th and 10th of November 1938 a massive Jewish pogrom took place in Germany, which took the name Kristallnacht or The Nights of the Broken Glass. The 16th of November is The International Day of Toleration, as was declared by UNESCO in 1995, the 50TH anniversary of the organization.

The program of the film festival

The 10th of November, Saturday- 5 PM

Poster is a feature film (based on real events), 32 min. Director: Andrei Zaitsyev. (Russia, 2006)

War Time is a documentary film/pamphlet, 24 min. Director: Roman Khavronckiy (Russia, 2006)

Discussion about the topic The Faces of Hatred- Never Again?! modern displays of xenophobia, anti-Semitism and everyday nationalism, the attitude of society.

The 11th of November, Sunday 5 PM11

American History X: a feature film, 119 min. Director: Tony Kaye (US, 1998), Oscar nominated 1999.

Discussion about the topic Where did the Swastika come from?- Neo-fascism and radical youth groups- reasons for their existence and popularity.

The 13th of November, Tuesday- 6:30 PM

Tibet: The Cry of the Snow Lion: a documentary, 104 min. Director: Tom Piozet (US, 2002). He is the winner of several international film awards including those of Russia, America, Canada, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Indonesia, and several more.

Discussion about Genocide- ways of resistance - What are the results of state fascism and the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of the state.

The 14th of November, Wednesday- 6:30 PM

The Laramie Project: feature film (based on real events), 96 min. Director: Moises Kaufman (US, 2001).

Discussion on the topic Forbidden love- problems of the LGBT community.

The 15th of November, Thursday- 6:30 PM

Old Women: feature film, 100 min. Director: Gennadii Sidorov (Russia, 2003).

Awards: The main prize The Golden Rose, the prize for the best debut, The Princess Prize, a prize from the Film Critics and Film Experts Guild of Russia (ORKF) Kinotavr (2003).

Discussion about the topic Ours-Theirs - the problem of relations between migrants the local population. For further information (including about the location of the film festival) call: 8-926-724-90-92.

Details about the program and additional materials about the themes:





Source: SOVA Centre


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