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Antifascist Meeting in Perm by the Eternal Flame

The New Partner has confirmed today that, on February 7th, a group of youths, one of which has suffered from violence over nationalist ground, has received the permission to carry out an antifascist meeting and protest. Both actions are planned to commence on the 18th of February.

Representatives of the initiative group have explained to The New Partner that the meeting will take place by the Eternal Flame on Sibirskaya. It is expected, that they will attract around 50 people. Simultaneously, the cafe "Argo will also be showing support with a small picket.

On January 22nd, at the cafe Argo (Milchavova street), a man was beaten and robbed. During the attack, the attackers cried out nationalist, anti-Russian slogans. The victim has written a statement and an investigation is underway.

Source: ONline


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