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Samara: Policemen to be trained in the Basics of Islam

This agreed upon during a meeting with the representatives of the regional spiritual board of Muslims and the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Samara area, Alexander Reymer.

The Department of Information and Public Relations within the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Samara area, as well as Major-General Reymer and the religious leader of the Regional Spiritual Board of Muslims in the Samara area Vagiza Yarullina informed about this. Also, there were employees of some divisions of the police at the meeting.

This cooperation agreement between the two parties is valid for some years and was already very successful. In particular, owing to the joint actions of the working group in 2004, it was possible to resolve an imminent interethnic conflict in the village of Sukhye Avrali in the Elkhovskogo area, and a group of young men, who distributed leaflets for the support of extremism, were unmasked last year.

During the meeting, both parties have discussed some questions on further teamwork. Even rather exotic variants have been offered. The responsible secretary of the spiritual board Minnakhmet Sagirov suggested, that employees of the police should receive lessons on the basics of Islam by visiting an Islamic service in mosques.

Thus, Muslims hope to avoid being insulted by policemen. Alexander Reymer has supported the offer and has given the order to study the hand-book for the Samara policemen - valid for the whole Department of Internal Affairs - which contains information on all national and confessional peculiarities of the population of the Samara area.

Source: United Volga


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