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German Nazis Unite With Those in Prague

Neo-Nazis from different European countries gather in Prague. German radicals even abandoned their action in Germany in order to take part in the Prague march. The arrival of neo-Nazi groups from Slovakia, Hungary and other countries is already known about. Moreover, it is not a question of numbers.

More than two hundred neo-Nazis have come from Slovakia alone. Ondrei Zakl, representative of the Tolerance movement, proposes that foreign participants will number more than seven hundred.

The most active Slovak extremist group today is the National Resistance Nitra. Its contacts supported their Czech counterparts on May 1st of this year in Brno, arriving in three buses.

"This is a super-act! If it really will be achieved, we will definitely go. Maximum strength has to be applied against these people, writes one of the leaders of German neo-Nazis. Many are indeed ready to go to Prague.

The city hall of Prague created coordination staff which will keep the event under control and interrupt the plans of the Nazis.

In the streets of Pragues Old Town, approximately 1100 members of the government police and 300 city police will maintain order. Other divisions of authority structures of the Czech Republic are also prepared.

The Prague city hall is prepared to take strong measures.

We want to guarantee our credibility in carrying out a Day of memory for the victims of Kristallnacht and to protect the visitors and citizens of Prague. If there is a need to, we are ready to apply force ", the mayor of Prague Paul Bem expressed. As he said, the police will be in a condition of readiness and will hold back any of those who breach the order.

The problem is that, other than neo-Nazis, anarchists, their eternal opponents, whose numbers too are in the hundreds, are gathering strength. As such, probably, one can forget about the quiet occurrence of the actions organized by Jewish, antifascist and other peace-making organizations.

Neo-Nazis prepare for carrying out a campaign, despite the fact that it has been banned by the city hall. They were inspired by the fact that the court has rejected its appeal. "While the reasons for the refusal are not known, the city hall will not comment on the courts decision", the speaker of the city hall, Irzhi Volf, expressed.

Prohibitions by city hall, however, remain in full force, since the radicals statements contained formal errors. For this reason, neo-Nazis have repeatedly gone to court. "The court for certain will resolve this matter to our benefit", the leader of Sedlachek radicals is confident. "It is obliged to resolve our matter within three days, so we will have enough time he declared on Tuesday, November 7th.

Source: Media International Group


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