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Wave of Crimes on Grounds of Hatred

A wave of incitement of hatred swept over New York, as was reported at a press-conference on the steps of City Hall.

Leaders of various ethnic and religious communities gathered there: Jews, Sikhs, Chinese, Afro- and Latino-Americans, Italianspriests and rabbis and leading deputies of the city council.

Kristin Queen, speaker for the city council, held the press-conference. She expressed that the level of crime on grounds of ethnic, religious and sexual hatred grew by 20% this year in New York, according to police facts. This is very alarming.

We are gathered here to express together that we are not going to put up with this. We are going to look for and punish the criminals. Before I came to be deputy of the city council, I represented an association of homosexuals and lesbians, and I experienced hatred because of my sexual orientation, said Queen. She expressed that a joint decision of all circumferential attorneys and Heads of Administration of all five boroughs, i.e. regions, has made November 29th the Day to Fight Incitement of Hatred.

A rabbi from a synagogue in Brooklyn Heights said that a swastika was painted on his synagogue. Markovitz, president of the Brooklyn administration, expressed that hatred directed at this or that ethnic group is a threat to the whole city. Basically, swastikas or nooses are painted by schoolboys. Two girls who drew swastikas were caught, and when it was discovered that they did not understand well what they were drawing, they were told to attend a series of lectures on the history of the Holocaust, to visit a museum of the Holocaust and to meet former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. A district attorney told Brooklyn-Heights that under his supervision, the first department in all of New York has been created for fighting the kindling of hatred. Recently, a number of people have been caught and condemned of such crimes. The main responsibility, beyond that which the criminals (as a rule, minors) themselves hold, fall on parents and schools, who should explain that hatred on grounds of the color of a persons skin, religion, sexual orientation, physical disability, etc. is a criminal offence.

The deputy from Staten-Island and the candidate for the post of president of the administration of Staten-Island, Joe Addabbo, stated that his island has the lowest number of crimes. Yet they are everywhere. There is always a rotten apple that spoils the barrel. He acknowledges that at times the Russian-speaking community also feels hatred, just as his ancestors, immigrants from Italy, felt.

Appearing at a press conference, he said that according to the data of anti-defamation leagues, anti-Semitism has steadily grown since 2005 across all America. In Brooklyn Heights alone, 23 swastikas were painted and someone distributed anti-Semitic leaflets. Swastikas and nooses have appeared practically in all areas of New York. This tendency causes serious alarm. It is noted also, that in New York anti-Semitic actions have increased by 36 % right after statements by Irans president, Ahmadinejad, at Colombian university.

Source: NRS.COM http://www.nrs.com

Source: NRS.COM


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