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Evgeni Chervonenko deeply condemns the beating of a yeshiva student

The Ukrainian Minister of Transport and Connection, Evgeni Chervonenko deeply condemned an occurrence, which happened on August 28 in the city center of Kiev next to the Mandarin Plaza. As MI Gnews.com.ua informed, a group of fascist teenagers has beaten a student in front of the central Brodski Synagog, who now lays in bad condition in one of the capitals hospitals.

Evgeni Chervonenko expressed his compassion to the treated and his affiliated and offered to render medical aid. The Minister also showed his gratefulness to the Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko for the adequate and quick responsiveness to the Jewish guy. At that time, Evgeni Chervonenko learned to appreciate in a negative way the silence of the governments institutions concerning anti-Semitic propaganda, which the editions of the Interregional Academy staff administration, Personal and Personal Plus, publishes. It provoked astonishment that this edition has been sold openly next to the general post office of the city of Kiev. According to him, this failure is an expression of xenophobia and will lead to physical violence among representatives of the national minorities.

Furthermore, the Minister of Transport and Connection addressed foreign embassies in the Ukraine with the request to deny visas to everyone, who has a leading position in fascistic organizations, propagandizes anti-Semitism and xenophobic information or mentions to agitate hostility between nations. Someone who mentions to agitate conflicts between nations in the West will automatically be cop-out, underlined Evgeni Chervonenko.

Worth mentioning is that Evgeni Chernovenko is the first Ukrainian Minister, who really reacted to a fascistic incidence with a yeshiva student in front of the central Brodski Synagoge in the city center of Kiev.




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