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British authorities see integration as the solution to the radicalization of Muslim youth

British authorities have developed a plan to prevent the spread of religious and nationalist radicalism within the countrys Muslim youth. According to The Sunday Telegraph, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Ruth Kelly, will describe the new plan in detail sometime this week.

The plan, which will cost the government approximately 6 million euros, gives particular attention to schools. A few projects have already been developed to overcome the isolation of Muslim youth in a traditionally secular and white educational system. These projects intend to bring together children as well as pedagogues through joint theater productions, musical events, trips and excursions. In areas with a high proportion of Muslim inhabitants, social forums will be organized with the goal of discussing hot issues in a friendly and tolerant atmosphere.

According to the Secretary of State, despite the threat of radicalism being very real and serious, the majority of Muslims do not want to kindle hatred and intolerance. Instead, they need the support of the authorities and are in favor of the governments plan. We need to support those who are building a society where extremism is definitely isolated and where all the doors leading to those preaching violence and dissociation are closed, said Kelly.

Kelly noted that the creation of regional forums will be sufficient to solve the problem.

Source: www.islam.ru


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