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Kaliningrad has the Honor to Receive a Supreme Award from the Council of Europe

Kaliningrad, 9th of July./correspondent ITAR-TASS Vladimir Nujakshev/.Kaliningrad is the first Russian city honored with the supreme award Award of Europe of the Council of Europe.

The city, condemned to be the regional center of the most western part of Russia, has been honored for the success in the interethnic cooperation, for actively following the European principles of good-neighborliness.

The merit of Kaliningrad in this area has been recognized in 1999 with the European Flag and in 2002 with a plaque of honor.

The Award of Europe consists of three parts: a challenge cup, medals, and official documents written on parchment, which they give to the winning city to keep eternally along with a premium of money around 10000 euros.

On the request of the Council of Europe this money is destined for the development of youth contacts.




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