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Putin Came Out Against the Skinheads
How is coming out against our skinheads?

Around five Polish skinheads, screaming anti-Russian slogans, beat and robbed three 16 year old Russians and a citizen from Kazakhstan. The Office of Foreign Affairs () is promising the most cruel response to the incident. The President considered the occurrence to be criminal. On Sunday around 9:30 p.m. (11:30 Moscow time) in Warsaw (in the Mokotuv quarter) the local ruffians cruelly beat and robbed the children of Russian diplomats. Three 16-17 year old citizens of Russia and also a Kazakhstani of the same age suffered the attack.

According to RIA News, all the victims were brought to the hospital. To two of them were diagnosed with concussion (according to other information - suspicion of a concussion). On all the victims could be noticed numerous injuries, livid spots and grazes. They knocked out the teeth of two of the adolescents and broke the nose of one.

There were no injuries to the internal organs. After the medical examination all the victims refused hospitalization. According to the words of the head of the consular office of the Embassy of Russia in Poland, Dimitrij Nesterov, the incident happened when the children of the embassy officials were coming back from the cinema. The children were walking through the park when a group of 15 Polish men attacked them. According to the words of eye-witnesses the attackers were not drunk adolescents, but full grown adults from 19 to 25 years old. According to the general opinion of the witnesses, the leader of the group is around 26 year old. Screaming anti-Russian slogans and unprintable insults, the members of gang began to beat the Russians. Then they went on to beat the citizen of Kazakhstan.

Jostled by the Polish ruffians, the Russians retreated from the park to the nearest bus station. The Poles continued to beat them there also. The political anti-Russian slogans didnt hinder them from beating them: the adherents of big Poland from one sea to the other, took from them their mobile phones and all their money together with golden chains. Afterwards, the victims and the witnesses said that the attackers were an organized group and the action had a premeditated character. All the members of the group were dressed in sports attire and had shaved heads.

The ruffians checked the documents of the Russians, after which they continued to beat them even more cruelly. They threw them on the ground and kicked them. After finishing the deed the skinheads got on the next bus. The victims with their parents turned to the commissariat of the police in Warsaw. According to the press-secretary of the police in Warsaw, Mariush Sokolovskij the Polish agency PAP, has begun an examination into the incident. In the press service they said that the police had already detained nine persons that could had have relations to the beating of the Russian children of diplomats, reported RIA News. After they cleared up the identity of the arrested persons and took down testimonies the detainees were released, observed the press service. The police have not yet reported about the details and the family names of the arrested Polish citizens and have turned to the officials of the embassy with the request to identify the attackers.

As they reported on Monday in Gazeta.Ru, the embassy of Russia in Warsaw delivered a note of protest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland related to the incident involving the children of the Russian diplomats. In the document, it was written that when the lifes and health of Russian citizens are under threat, this is unacceptable. The embassy appealed the Polish government to guarantee the security of officials of the Russian embassy and consulate and the members of their families. The Russian side is waiting for an official apology, - reported the deputy of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Boris Malachov. This scandalous incident can not be seen as an accidental occurrence. Its in correlation with anti-Russian attitude, that has appeared lately in Poland, as a result of the unfriendly declarations of Polish politicians.

Interfax reported on Monday that the ambassador of Poland in Moscow, Stefan Meller, was invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia. There he heard the words of President Vladimir Putin: Its a unfriendly act that must be considered nothing other than a crime. Before the visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Meller was on a broadcast of the radio Echo of Moscow during which he said: This is very sad for us in Poland and this appears as one more of the necessities for the perfection of the work of the Polish police. I am absolutely persuaded that this is a problem of bandits. If I would walk in that quarter, the same thing would probably happen to me or to any other Pole. There was no connection with the fact that they were Russians. I dont see it. They could even have been Poles, - said the ambassador. To the Polish Ambassador was demanded to carry out the most meticulous examination, to punish the guilty ones, to not allow similar occurrences in the future and to guarantee the security of the diplomats and their families. - this was reported after the meeting with the journalists by the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. After hearing the claims of Russia, the ambassador of Poland come out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and said to the journalists: No political anti-Russian hidden motives exist. There is no need to give them a political value. If it were to happen to me in Moscow, I would call the police and I would not involve any politics. This was only an act of skinheads, criminals and bandits. Unfortunately, the attack was made on the children of the officials of the Russian Embassy. For the skinheads, as we know, the first good information is the fact that the children are foreigners, said Stefan Meller.


Source: www.gazeta.ru


How is coming out against our skinheads?

Our commentaries

The Center for Interethnic Cooperation absolutely shares the anger of the official establishment concerning the beating of the adolescents from Russia in Warsaw. The guilty ones have to be punished not as ruffians but for their racist actions.
But who spoke in public about the thousands of Caucasians, immigrants from Asian countries and Africa that were beaten by our Russian skinheads?
Or does the fact that they are ours make their delinquency less dangerous?


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