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Religious Organizations of Kurgan Province Came Together Against Extremism

Leaders and representatives of eleven religious organizations of the Kurgan province signed a general declaration on the opposition of extremism and terrorism. As was reported on September 10 by the correspondent for the news agency REGNUM, on September 6 the governor of the Kurgan province stated his support of holding a day of solidarity in the fight against terrorism in Russia on September 3. This announcement was made at an extended council session for interaction with the religious association.

The signed document confirms the adherence of the regional religious organizations to the section in the declaration regarding principles of inter-faith decorum in the Trans-Urals, signed on October 6, 2000. In particular are acting with aggression, hatred, or violence with respect to another religion, openness towards readiness for an inter-faith dialogue, mutual understanding and religious tolerance, and the denunciation of social, racial and religious dissension and extremism.

Source: REGNUM.ru


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