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Skinheads with sideburns

In Israel a neo-Nazi group has been dismantled, its members young people from ages 16-21 all descendants from countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The group was found to have Nazi uniforms and video recordings of attacks on Orthodox Jews, itinerants and drug addicts. According to some data, the group defiled a synagogue and was preparing a large act of terror against punks.

On Sunday Israeli courts officially confirmed information regarding the detention of the eight-member group of young neo-Nazis. They all proved to be descendants from countries of the CIS, reports the Israeli electronic publication of NEWSru Israel.

A series of disconnected crimes, it seems, paved the way for the destruction of the neo-Nazi group.

In recent years, Israeli police have been battling a rash of street violence. In particular, unmotivated attacks against different groups of citizens were increasing in frequency: Orthodox Jews, drug addicts, transients, foreign workers and punks were victims of these attacks.

The city of Petakh-Tikva especially bore witness to such attacks. Numerous cases of vandalism of synagogues occurred there. In May of this year a group of adolescent skinheads armed with knives broke into the religious school Of Israel and beat students, as reported by the newspaper Of Haaretz.

Related to the amount of material found, the Israeli law-enforcement agencies came to the conclusion that these many crimes were connected. Detectives then concluded that a united group formed after the planning and carrying out of the crimes.

According to the Israeli newspaper, the investigation lasted 6 months and the conclusion was unexpected, as after the attacks the organized neo-Nazi group remained.

Firstly, as reports the radio station Kol Israel, police reports confirm that Rostislav Boguslavsky from Petakh-Tikva was accused of the murder of two transients and 500 cats. But in the course of checking their internet contacts they unlocked a whole cell of neo-Nazis.

The arrests began. In all, the representatives of special services detained eight young people between the ages 16 and 21. The ninth that was suspected of the belonging to the neo-Nazi band a reserve soldierhe may have been in hiding. He left Israel as soon as he was freed.

All eight were residents of Petakh-Tikva and Kholon. They arrived to Israel approximately ten years ago within the framework of the Law of Return. None of them, however, from the point of view of Orthodox Judaism, is considered Jewish, reports NEWSru of Israel. The leader of band, Eric (Eli) Boniatov was a descendant from Turkmenistan, who had already attracted the attention of the law-enforcement agencies of Israel. The first time he was detained was in 2004, when he was accused of fighting and condemned to 8 months of confinement.

The majority of those detained not only admitted their guilt but submitted to the consequences, notes the publication. They did not confess while in the company of the group, but with two prisoners. However, they were fully convicted as collaborators before irrefutable evidence. The neo-Nazis had recorded their actions on videotape, part of which fell into the hands of the police.

In particular, what confirmed the police evidence were the recording of the murder of a Chinese guest-worker in an underground crossing on a street in Petakh-Tikva and personnel, who were distressed over the attack on an orthodox Jew.

In a third video recording, skinheads beat a repatriate from the CIS and force him to apologize before the Russian people for the fact that he is Jew and a druggie. Numerous materials of a neo-Nazi nature, SS uniform, pistols and explosive have been discovered and collected form the suspects.

Police consider that in the near future they had been planning to conduct a large act of terror against punks. According to the Israeli television channel Of rTVi, this week all the prisoners will be charged with kindling of racial hatred, murder, hooliganism and vandalism. Disturbing the law and the Holocaust denial are further accusations. Before the court, the director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs MVD of Israel Meir Shitrit proclaimed his intention to deprive the Russian neo-Nazis of citizenship and to kick them out from the country.

Source: Gazeta.ru


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