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Anti-Semitism flourishes in the Ukraine

The Ukrainian rabbi Moshe Tailer was assaulted in one of the central streets of Kiev on September 28th.

Some unknown persons attacked the rabbi, as he and his wife walked along one of the central streets in Kiev. The rabbi was hit in his face several times. The assaulters escaped calling out anti-Semitic slogans. The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs started to investigate this case.

On October 1st in Donetsk a group of orthodox Jews was offended by passers-by.

As the president of the Jewish community of Donetsk, Yehuda Kalerma, announced to the JTA the anti-Semites did not only threaten to kill the members of the Jewish community they had met, but also called to hang all Jews. Thanks to witnesses who called the police, the incident did’t go on further.

Kalerma stated that during the last six months such cases have occurred several times in Donetsk.

Source: sem40.ru

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