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Putin celebrates Victory Day with World War Two Veterans

Before the Victory parade on Red Square, President Vladimir Putin addressed the front-line soldiers. The failure of fascism must become a lesson and a warning about the inevitability of retribution, - he said

The Russian President expressed his gratitude to the veterans and their great endeavor. In terms of cruelty, the number killed and the scale of destruction, this war has no equal in history. The priceless artifacts or skill and culture that were destroyed, are lost forever. We will never be able to bring our sons and daughters and their hopes and talents back to life. That is the greatest, truly permanent, loss for our people.- he said.

The President continued. Dear citizens of Russia, today we remember that in those severe years there was a real threat that peace would become enslaved. It came about because the danger of the destructive Nazi ideology was underestimated. Therefore the solidarity of nations towards peace in the face of todays threats is decisive and priceless. And so are peace, freedom and the goodwill of nations - they are held in the stronghold of democratic world order and global safety.

Those who will once again try to raise the fallen banner of Nazism, who sow the seeds of racial hatred, extremism, xenophobia - they lead the world toward an impasse, toward senseless bloodshed and cruelty. Therefore, the failure of fascism must become a lesson and a warning of the inevitability of retribution. On this day, we bow our heads to all those who did not live to see the Day of Victory. We thank you, our dear veterans, we are proud of the greatness of your destinies, and that on this day, together with you, we celebrate that Great Victory. Congratulations to you. To Victory Day! Hoorah! The President concluded.

According to the information: MBPCH

Source: Newsinfo.ru


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