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Russian Nazis: New Wave of Racist Attacks

Last week in the forest outside Moscow, a group of Russians dressed in camouflage and armed with fake AK-47 automatic weapons prepared for combat. Although these men may easily have been mistaken for paintballers, the secret military-style maneuvers that took place 70 miles southeast of Moscow bore a much more ominous nature.

The three-day event attracted around 50 ardent neo-Nazis, worshipers of Hitler who claim that the dark-skinned inhabitants of Russia must be killed. This training camp was designed to train young men in combat techniques and extremist ideology. Those present at the gathering al claimed to have either supported or participated in the series of severe racist attacks, which has recently shaken Russia.

Participants were housed in tents under red and white flags of the National-socialist society with swastikas. They learned how to handle weapons using fake firearms, knives and the batons. In the evening the group gathered around a bonfire. Exchanging Nazi salutes they shouted pro-Hitler slogans and gave speeches about the "super-race" of ethnic Russians.

"We must kill all dark-skinned immigrants", explained a young man nicknamed Broadsword, rumored to be one of the most radical Moscow skinheads. Other neo-Nazis at this camp appeared to revere the 21-year old broadsword for the violent attacks he claims to have carried out on immigrants. Dressed in black bomber jacket, his head shaved, this unemployed building engineers hands are covered with deep knife cuts. Broadsword claims he obtained these wounds during a recent bloody struggle with an armed man from Tajikistan. He also claims to carry a 10 inch hunting knife with him at all times and brags that it converts immigrants "into porridge".

Recently broadsword launched his own neo-Nazi site, dedicated to Hitler, on which he publishes reports about attacks on immigrants. He claims that his call to violence has become so popular in Moscow that in the metro people even ask for his autograph. "We must kill not only the adults, but we must also get rid of their children, Broadsword says. When you exterminate cockroaches you dont just kill the big ones, you suffocate the small ones as well ".

In the Second World War the Soviet Union lost about 20 million people. Russians are proud of their countrys great contribution towards the defeat of Hitler, and for this reason the views of extremists such as broadsword have, until recently, been brushed aside as rare exceptions. But such racist sentiments are becoming increasingly common and racist attacks are being carried out with tragic frequency. Recently, in a single month a record number of racially motivated murders were carried out, nine with a further 24 attacks, including the near-fatal stabbing of a nine-year old girl.

Data collected by "Owl", the non-government organization responsible for monitoring racial crimes, reveals that in the past year in Russia 28 racist murders were carried out. However, Amnesty International believes that the real total is considerably higher: the police deliberately conceal the seriousness of many racial crimes by classifying them as simple "hooliganism". Amnesty last week warned that racism in Russian cities "is getting out of control", and it attacked the Kremlin for failing to take on the racists.

President Vladimir Putin, who lost his older brother at a young age during the blockade of Leningrad, condemns racist actions. However experts complain that the Russian authorities are failing to combat racism. "Nobody wants to recognize, that the country which defeated fascism, is itself a nursery of fascists" said a spokeswoman from Owl Galina Kozhevnikova.

Despite the reporting of racist murders in the mass-media, the group of young people, including four girls, who gathered in the camp the last week, declared that the authorities have done nothing to break up their meetings. In fact according one of the participants, 40-year old programmer Dmitry Rumjantseva, quite the opposite is true; many militia officers share their beliefs.

Rumjantseva welcomed neo-Nazi supporters at a meeting with cries of Sieg Heil! and gave a speech claiming that the neo-Nazis planned revolution would be supported by Russian state security forces. "To kill immigrants is a good thing, it is good for young skinheads to play in blood, it supports the fighting spirit, but it changes nothing, Rumjantseva states.

Participants armed with replica automatic weapons were divided into two groups and attacked one another in order to study combat tactics. The groups were also taught how to fight with a knife, an instructor demonstrated how to deliver strikes to the neck and stomach of victim.

Two years ago a knife attack lead to death of the youngest neo-Nazi victim so far Khurshedy Sultanovoy. This nine year old girl was attacked on the outskirts of Saint Petersburg by a group of skinheads, shouting: "Russia for the Russians". They inflicted multiple knife injuries to the girl who later dies of her injuries. The killers were arrested, tried and found guilty, but only of hooliganism. They were sentenced to a maximum of five years imprisonment. "Its unbelievable. In the opinion of the Russian authorities, the murder of my small daughter constitutes only hooliganism, says 37-year old Yunus Sultanovoy, Khurshedys father. They have given these murders the green light to continue to kill us, because we are another color. They did everything in order to protect the group of killers. It is because we are Tajik.

Mark Franketti

Source: InoPressa.ru


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