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Russia has given Migrants Green Light

The Federation Council has approved two laws on Friday in order to make Russia attractive and to simplify the regulations on employment for foreign workers on the Russian territories.

When presenting the federal law On Migratory Registration of Foreign Citizens and Persons without Citizenship in the Russian Federation, a member from the committee of the chamber of the constitutional legislation, Konstantin Surkov, has emphasized that the new regulation on migratory registration is one of the major elements in the creation of a high-quality migratory control system.

The senator stated, that the law will allow removing excessive administrative barriers for experts who are needed the most in our country. He also noted that at the same time governmental institutions will receive accurate statistics about the immigration of foreign citizens to Russia.

The present law provides a basic framework for the general immigration registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship. The existing obligatory registration for foreigners, which is now in place, will be replaced by an easier legal system - the registration in the place of stay.

It is also planned to create a complex migratory database on foreign citizens, their place of stay and their travelling in the territory of the Russian Federation.

In Surkovs opinion, the new law will promote the improvement of the migratory and demographic situation in Russia and also the general stabilization of the situation in the whole post-Soviet area.

The second bill which was approved by the Federation Council is an amendment to the federal law On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation.

Konstantin Surkov said that these laws are intended to simplify the immigration procedures to receive the status of temporarily living in Russia; the mechanism of employment for foreign citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation, and also the improvement of state regulation concerning the labor market for foreign workers.

In a visa-free system, foreign citizens arriving in Russia can get a work permit by themselves if there is a visa-free system. Besides that, employers will get the right to hire foreign workers without permission and employ them.

The amendments introduce migratory quotas which will consider quality characteristics of migrants searching for labor, such as their profession and qualification.

As the senator has emphasized, quotas are not distributed to foreign citizens but to qualified experts according to their existing profession.

Foreign citizens, constantly or temporarily living in Russia, are exempted from the annual re-registration fee, announced RIA News. The law will come into force when the president signed it.

Source: Dni.ru
Issued by: Moscow Bureau of Human Rights


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