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Are You looking for a Reliable Partner in Russia?

Would you like
  • to expand your business to Russia?
  • to profitably invest your capital?
  • to guarantee the of success of your business?

The Center for Interethnic Cooperation (CIC) is offering your company the necessary support. The main objective of the CIC: Promote friendship and cooperation between people and the state.

As the worldwide practice illustrates, mutually beneficial businesses, the development of tourism, and familiarizing with the cultural and historical values are the best way to strengthen the relationship between people and states.

Modern Russia is big and the product, raw material and service markets are not yet fully developed. In this country live many well-educated people which are capable and willing to work. Until now, only in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg successfully settled thousands of foreign companies. However, besides these locations in Russia there still exist further 15 cities with a population of more than a million and more than 50 cities with not less than 200.000 inhabitants. The product and service markets develop in these cities fast. Therefore, such products and services, which are well established in the USA, Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, and so forth, may profit from a high demand in Russia.

Todays Russia constructs shopping centers, grocery and restaurant networks. Furthermore, with the recognition of the environmental diversity Russia has to offer, the development of new tourist routes is extremely widespread.

The CIC successfully organizes meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and press conferences with representatives of local authorities in various Russian districts to whom we maintain positive relations.

We received grants from the European Union, the Council of Europe, the Council of Britain, the American, Great Britain and Swiss embassy, American non-governmental funds Motta and MacArthur. Volunteers from all over the world - Austria, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Swiss and USA work at the Center for Interethnic Cooperation. You can see part of their efforts at the English version of our site (www.interethnic.org ).

Our organization can already refer to experience in International Cooperation which such Partners as:

The CIC will assist in establishing your company in the Russian market by:

  1. Organizing marketing researches concerning product and service demand in Moscow, Anapa, Astrakhan, Voronezh, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhni Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Perm, Pyatigorsk, Rostov-on-Don, Smolensk, Saratov, Samara, Tolyatti and Yaroslavl.
  2. Development of marketing strategies promoting your products or services including brand, slogan, and visual ads suited for Russia.
  3. Organization of exhibitions and product presentations
  4. Contact partner for your local partners and organization of meetings with them in the current cities.
  5. Organization of official meetings with representatives of local administrations
  6. Facilitation of contacts to advertisement companies to market your products and services efficiently.
  7. Selection of employees for Moscow and regional representatives.
  8. Workshops about how to work professionally as a team for your staff and effectively using competitive advantage.
  9. Provide qualitative oral and written translations from/ to Russian from/ to any European language in short term.
  10. taking care of the administrative tasks in the beginning which will inevitably arise when starting business in a new country: Reservation of hotel rooms, transport facilities, hiring of office space, meetings at the airport, cultural program, etc.

CIC is located at Novoslobodskaya, in the Moscow Central Business District on an area of 200 m2. We have a modern office, fast internet access and well-educated and professional employees.

We look forward to assist you in effectively setting up your business in Russia.

Feel free to contact us either via email or telephone.

+7 (499) 973-12-47

+7 (499) 972-68-07



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