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Ukraine Calls for European Countries to Recognize Golodomor As Genocide

Ukraine, Kiev (correspondent) The fund Ukraine 3000, which is headed by Yekaterina Chumachenko, the wife of president Victor Yushenko, turned to diplomats from fifty six countries with the request to contribute by recognizing Golodomor 1932-1933 as genocide against Ukrainians. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is asking that the OSCE, Euro Parliament and the UN state the truth about the Ukrainian tragedy to all governments.

Eleven countries have recognized Golodomor as genocide. This is not sufficient for the UN to make the appropriate resolution. Russia does not recognize Golodomor as genocide, and Kremlin leadership considers that the cause of the famine in Ukraine was drought and poor harvest. Israel also avoids the term genocide.

The Ukraine 3000 fund, based on the Ukrainian Citizens Cultural Center, organized a mobile exhibition for foreign diplomats. Among its exponents is bread made from beets and tree bark, which Ukrainians ate during the famine. A correspondent from PRIMA-News covered the story at the fund Ukraine 3000.

Source: PRIMA News


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