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Turkey Recalls Ambassador from US

Turkey has declared a response of the ambassador in Washington. RIA News reports that this decision was received in reply to the acceptance by the committee on International Affairs of the US Congress of the resolution with recognizing the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.

In the words of George Bush, US president

All of us deeply regret for the tragic sufferings of Armenian people which began in 1915, but this resolution is not the right answer to a historical massacre and its acceptance would cause enormous damage to our relations with a key NATO ally and in global war on terror.

, 10/11/2007

According to Abdullah Gyul, Turkish president

Regrettably, some policies in the USA appear to be deaf to appeals to operate from a position of common sense and have once again tried to sacrifice the interests of big policy to small internal political games.

THE AIR FORCES, 10/11/2007

Egemen Bagis, vice-president ruling in Turkey Justice and Development Party

The American armies in Iraq in many respects depend on the organizational help of Turkey, and in the case that the US accepts this bill on the Armenian genocide, Ankara will be obliged to reduce the scale of this help.

, 10/11/2007

In addition, the commander-in-chief of the Turkish Naval Forces cancelled an earlier planned visit to the USA.

Earlier on Thursday it became known that the committee on International Affairs of the House of Representatives of the US Congress approved the resolution, which recognizes the genocide and destruction of 1.5 million of Armenians in the territory of Ottoman empire in 1915-1917. This decision was accepted contrary to White house recommendations. "The congress calls the President of the USA in the annual presidential message on April, 24, in an anniversary of the Armenian genocide, which is characterized by the systematic and deliberate destruction of one and a half million Armenians as genocide", states the text of the authorized document.

Twenty seven members of the commission voted in favor of the resolution, and twenty one voted against it. Now the document will be considered by the Congress on condition it is not blocked by the Democratic Party.

Some hours prior to voting on the resolution, US president George Bush strongly recommended that Congress not accept it, so as to not aggravate relations with Turkey, who is a US ally in the fight against terrorism. 70 percent of air cargo and 30 percent of fuel headed for US troops in Iraq pass through Turkey, Robert Gates, Minister of Defense, warned congressmen. State secretary Condoleezza Rice also expressed opposition to the recognition.

The president of Turkey, Abdullah Gyul, called the decision of the committee unacceptable. He noted that Turkey will not consider this document legitimate. On Tuesday, Gyul warned Bush that acceptance of this resolution would be fraught with "serious problems" for relations between the two countries. Turkish officials declared that they do not exclude the possibility of shortening the aid to American troops in Iraq.

RIA Novosti comment that a joint letter with an appeal to not accept this resolution was sent to Congress by eight former state secretaries of the USA, including Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, James Baker and others.

Approximately in the middle of November the resolution will be submitted to the vote of the House of Representatives. A similar decision is being prepared in the Senate. Both documents are only declarative and do not require the signature of the president.

In past years similar resolutions already took hold in this committee. Twice, such a document came to a vote in the House of Representatives, but never drew the necessary poll. Now the resolution for the first time is supported by more than half of structure of the House of Representatives, which practically guarantees its declaration.

During the discussion of the document at a session of the committee, France was given as an example, whose parliament accepted a similar resolution in 2006. In response, the government of Turkey broke off all bilateral military and military-technical connections with France. In return, this answer was stated. "After Russia recognized the genocide in 1995, their trade with Turkey grew by 351 percent", congressman-democrat James Kosta declared.

Source: grany.ru


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