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Capital Office of the Public Prosecutor Declared a Sharp Increase in Nationalist Attacks in the City

A sharp increase in nationalist attacks has been observed in the capital, concludes the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow on the basis of its own statistics. As researchers told Novye Izvestiya, police calculate that today, already more than 20 Moscow organizations, which call for ethnic intolerance, exist. Law enforcement agencies and experts expect a pre-election explosion in the activity of extremists and assert that the number of states emergencies, due to their activity, could break the record this year.

As the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow told NI, recently, extremists have become more organized in the capital. Skinheads less often operate alone, now preferring to join one of the numerous informal communities. Now, according to the records of Moscow police, twenty such organizations exist. In one year alone, the number of racial attacks has more than doubled. As the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Moscow reported, in the first nine months of this year, about 127 verifications connected to interethnic conflicts and displays of extremism were carried out (for comparison, last year, it was 52). In addition, 34 statements have been made to the court with requests to recognize extremist publications in the press distributed in the capital since the start of 2007. For example, the attention of public prosecutors was drawn to the newspapers "Duel", "Zavtra and Ruskaya Pravda. A warning was given to the editions for utilizing extremist statements, carried out this and last year by the Federal Service of Supervision for the Observance of Legislation in the Sphere of Mass Communications, in liaison with the Protection of Cultural Heritage. Now the matter has involved inspectors from the capital, and if the newspapers continue in the same spirit they will be threatened with shutting down.

And public prosecutors themselves have taken on leaders of Nazi groups. In one of the capital holding centers, Maxim Martsinkevich, nicknamed Hatchet, can be found. May we remind readers that he was accused of inciting interethnic hostility (Item 282 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation); on February 28th in the club "Bilingva", he started to utter Nazi slogans during a political debate. The Office of the Public Prosecutor plans to take this matter to court on December 12th. Martsinkevich could receive up to five years of prison under the charges he is faced with. A list of forbidden extremist literature engulfs the Office of the Public Prosecutor. For example, on August 23rd, the public prosecutor of the Northern district of Moscow sent a statement to Timiryazevsky court, which identified twenty extremist books, including the well-known work of Henry Ford The International Jew.

The concern of employees of Office of Public Prosecutor is shared by legal experts. Last weekend, the Moscow Human Rights Bureau circulated data which stated that between January and October 2007, 200 attacks and conflicts on grounds of xenophobia have already taken place, as a result of which 60 people have died and no less than 280 have been affected. Thus, according to legal experts, more than 300 extremist youth associations, made up of about 15 thousand people, are now operating in Russia. Experts confirm that up to the years end, the list of victims of nationalists will increase, due to the forthcoming elections for the State Duma in Russia. In connection with Duma elections, radical moods could indeed become more active, so this autumn aggravation is imposing on the political situation, Alexander Verkhovsky told NI. He is the director of the information-analytical center SOVA, which carries out research on problems of xenophobia and extremism. The number of infringements will be more this time than, for example, before the last parliamentary elections. It seems that people became more engaged and politically active.

Source: Novye Izvestia


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