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Chechen delegation to meet with religious officials from Syria

The Chechen delegation with the head leader of the Republic Alu Alkhanov, are meeting on Monday in Damascus with religious officials of Syria.

It is expected that the delegation will accept Grand Mufti, Sheikh Ahmad Badr Eden Hassoun and Muhhamed Ziad al-Ayubi.

Also, there will be a meeting with the delegates from the Cherkess Charitable Fund, which unites delegates from the different Kavkaz clans, who live in Syria.

The Delegation from the Chechen Republic will visit one of the most important Muslim holy places- masjid Omeyadov in old Damascus.

Alu Alahanov arrived in the Syrian Republic Saturday evening. This is his first trip to the Middle East as the President of Chechnya.

Recently Alhanov welcomed President of Syria, Bashar Asad. The Chechen President also met with the Prime Minister Mohammed Nadji-Otri and Minister of Economics and Finances Amerom Lutfi.

As reported by the head press RIA Novosti- the duties of the President Musleem Huchiev at the conference gave great attention to the questions regarding religious aspects between Syria and Russia.

Both sides have agreed upon exchanging delegates dealing with religious aspects.

The Chechen Representative expressed their high interest in visiting the republics religious authorities in Syria, which can help them come to an explanation on the high placed views of Islam, which have in common with extremism.

In conclusion with their visit in Syria, the delegation will be leaving September 20th to Jordans Aman.


Source: gazeta.ru


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