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People of Different Nationalities at Risk.

The existence of large fascist groups of youths in Russia, particularly in Moscow has often been doubted. In fact, in this city of 15 million, even for a police coworker, it is impossible not to see skinheads, since these are in fact normal citizens. We would all be happy never to encounter them and only from time to time to read an article about them. Unfortunately, they do exist and may often be encountered in Moscow.

On the 11th March, a Russian woman, Elena Frolova, a worker at the Centre for Interethnic Cooperation, was unlucky. Around 2p.m., into the metro station Alekceevskaya surged 30 - 40 aggressive youths. They looked like skinheads, football hooligans, or perhaps a group of drunks. They shouted racist slogans, Russia for the Russians!, Heil Hitler! and Kill everyone from the Caucasus! Unfortunately, sitting in the half empty wagon was a young man of Caucasian appearance. The group of youths began to beat him, shouting This is for Chechnya! The young man, was in fact Armenian, and of course bore no responsibility for Chechnya. Albert, aged 27 had only arrived to Moscow a day before. As for Chechnya, he had seen only reports about it on T.V. just like everyone else. This only became evident later, so how was his nationality important? Elena Frolova alone tried to defend him from the blows of hooligans and received a fair portion herself. No one else lifted a finger to help at 2p.m. in the afternoon on a main metro line. No one was brave enough to intervene. She managed to prevent him falling to the floor and stopped him being beaten to death. I tried to reason with them, says Elena I said he wasnt who they had taken him to be,, but they shouted at me, that all those of Caucasian appearance were all the same. That I was defending black people from white authority; that all such people must be killed everywhere and that they were going to show what should be done with such people. The group had the impression of being well organized, and as if on command, at the metro station Prospekt Mira ( The Avenue of Peace), the group left the carriage and it was again half-empty. Fortunately, there were no other victims, Elena and Albert were not seriously injured. Elena managed to calm Albert down and he reached home safely. Later, his brother called Elena to thank her for a help in saving Alberts life.

In the near future, The Center for Interethnic Cooperation will file a report with the Public Prosecution Office about this attack. Of course it should have been reported whilst the trail was still warm. We hope that the authorities will understand that this attack was not immediately reported as Elena Frolova was suffering from shock and so was unable to report what had happened to the police. The Center for Interethnic Cooperation asks that this article be considered a request to find the perpetrators of this terrifying incident. It is obvious that finding the aggressors in this attack will be virtually impossible; however there must be an attempt to prevent race-motivated attacks on peaceful citizens. Such attacks should never happen, let alone on a Saturday afternoon in a half empty carriage.


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